You want to be able to live your life without anxiety, panic, stresses and overwhelm getting in the way, right?

You want to be able to say YES to opportunities knowing that worries and overthinking won’t hold you back, right?

But right now, something is blocking you. It’s impacting the time spent with your loved ones and it’s stopping you fully enjoying all that you have achieved in life.

And that thing is probably anxiety. You want to be able to spend less time in your head, less time fighting those physical symptoms and more time doing things you love with people you love.

So if you’re ready to:

Feel calmer and more in control
Wake up ready to take on the day rather than dreading the day
Stop fighting a battle with your own body and mind
Start to fully enjoy all that you have and have achieved
Feel lighter and more peaceful
Learn practical tools and techniques to manage anxiety
Commit to doing things each day that will help your wellbeing

Then individual one to one CBT sessions will be perfect for you.




Before each session I’ll send you a questionnaire to help us identify the main issues we need to work through.

We’ll kick things off properly with an initial assessment chat for around 90 minutes. I know that by the time you see me you’ve already been struggling for some time and you probably want to start feeling better ASAP, right? So I always try to work on some techniques to bring a little relief straight away.

We’ll spend the rest of the time working out what’s been going on and start to set up some treatment plans using my unique approach. It involves combining techniques from all of the areas of my expertise to produce powerful changes that are tailored to you and your circumstances.

These include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness, aspects of eye movement desensitisation and reprogramming (EMDR), coaching and neuro-linguistic programming. And I always incorporate lots of practical tools, techniques and exercises into our sessions.

After our initial assessment I would then recommend further treatment sessions of an hour each, which will be tailored to exactly what you need for your goals and issues.

You can expect our individual sessions to include:

Making sense of what’s been going on.
Why you? Why this problem? Why now?

Setting Goals.
Knowing what you’re aiming for is key. But whether you just want to learn some techniques to manage how you feel and get on with your life without anxiety interfering every day, or you want to know if there are some deeper issues that they need to heal, we’ll work through it together, focusing on what’s important for you.

Managing the physical effects of anxiety.
Anxiety affects us physically as well as mentally. It can have a huge impact, so if that sounds like you, then we will definitely be addressing this.

Taking back control.
A key part of what I do. Almost everyone I see is struggling with managing their thoughts. So if you’re fighting a battle with your own mind we’ll find a way to help you cope more effectively.

Managing any unhelpful behaviours caused by anxiety.
Anxiety can make us act in ways that don’t seem like the true us. It might be avoiding things you used to enjoy, doing things you’re not proud of, or even acting in ways that aren’t helpful or usual. We’ll get to the bottom of this to help you create new, positive habits. 

Learning to manage other people and external situations.
Unfortunately it’s a fact of life that you may find yourself surrounded by difficult individuals, toxic or stressful situations and life pressures. But we can develop some ways to manage these situations without overthinking, over stressing and triggering negative spirals. 

Talking about our problems and expressing our needs.
I know that those around you care and want to help, but I also know how hard it can be to speak about your feelings so you don’t feel like a burden. I can help you plan how to have a productive discussion about what you’re experiencing, how they can help you effectively and how to react when you feel at a crisis point. 

Self management strategies.
Before you finish our package we’ll talk about how you’re going to manage going forwards and what you can do if any similar issues arise in the future. 

Session round ups.
I understand it’s easy to forget everything we discuss in session so these round ups will keep you on track. Each one features a quick summary of our discussions, any key points that came up and directions for any tasks that you agreed to do. 

And that’s not all…

Outside of our sessions, I’m here for you. That means you get access to a whole range of resources, and of course, ME.

You will have access to all of my self help materials, worksheets, handouts and workbooks if needed and I can also make book recommendations if we think it’s right for you. I’m always on top of the key books around anxiety and trauma so I’ll point you in the right direction based on what we discuss. Much better than scrolling Amazon and reading all those reviews for hours on end, right?

Finally, you have my unwavering belief and faith in you. So if a problem crops up or you just want to ask a quick question shoot me over an email and I’ll do my best to answer within 24 hours. 



I’m on your team but I will also always be absolutely honest with you. 

So if you want something that can’t be done can’t be achieved or might take longer than our time together, I will tell you. If you’re doing things that are not helping or contributing to your recovery I will let you know. Because if we want to create change that lasts, we have to be honest with ourselves and each other. 

I’m dedicated to making sure you get the outcomes you want, which is why I don’t take on endless clients to fill the books. 

I only work with people that I know I can help and that I know have the ability to make changes. 


Each session and treatment plan is tailored to you, so without understanding the way you feel, or the specific issues you face it can be tricky to estimate the number of sessions you will need.

However, based on my experience, most people find that they need between 6-8 sessions to make a positive change in their life.


If you are interested in making a powerful change in your life, that lasts, we can either work together online via secure video link or at my Nottingham base – The Magnolia Therapy Centre, 354 Mansfield Road Carrington, NG5 2EF